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      Huahong intelligent industry

      Service Hotline:0755-82596463

      Traffic facilities
      • Automobile wheel lock

      Automobile wheel lock

      Category: Traffic facilities

      Profile: Model:HCW-104

      Service Hotline:0755-82596463


      • Product introduction
      Wheel locks are used outside the vehicle. Wheel locks are generally locked on the front wheels on the side of the driver's seat. They have more obvious deterrent force than the locks inside the vehicle. They can firmly lock the tires of the vehicle. At the same time, the humanized design will not damage the tires of the locked vehicles. It provides a great way for law enforcement departments to deal with illegal parking and illegal vehicles. It is. To prevent owners from evading punishment. No need to spend large sums of money to use trailers to avoid unnecessary disputes caused by trailers. It shows that the law enforcement departments are polite and effective control methods for those who violate the regulations, thus reflecting the "civilized law enforcement, efficient management" principle, and can reduce the manpower and material resources of law enforcement departments, is a good helper to control disorderly parking, overloading!

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