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      Huahong intelligent industry

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      Advertising door
      • Intelligent advertising door

      Intelligent advertising door

      Category: Advertising door

      Profile: Intelligent advertising doors are suitable for residential areas, communities, villas, etc., promotional advertising effect is remarkable, targeted consumer, low operating costs, can cooperate with the use of access control system to achieve intelligent management of residential areas.

      Service Hotline:0755-82596463


      • Product introduction

      | Product features

      24V DC voltage supply, advertising door is used in a safe voltage environment, no harm to people, improve product safety level.
      It has the function of rebound against resistance and does not need to install infrared or pressure wave. The control system detects the torque of the motor directly, and rebounds against resistance without causing harm to people.
      The brushless motor has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, long life and high reliability. The motor has less heat and no need of thermal protection.
      Quick walk and slow stop function, faster speed in the operation process, when the switch door is about to be in place, immediately decelerate, ensure that the door body smooth switch, high efficiency, low shutting sound.
      Through the keys on the motherboard, the user can adjust the parameters according to the need to adapt to various occasions, simple settings.
      The main board adopts intelligent memory, and the malposition can be automatically repaired. When the door is damaged by external force, the motherboard will repair the program automatically.
      The position of magnetic lock can be changed freely according to the direction of the door opening.
      It can adjust the distance and opening speed of door and door. It is more convenient and flexible.
      The advertising doors can be switched normally under strong winds.
      With automatic reset function, when the permission is granted and no one passes in the set time, the advertising door will cancel the permission and return to the original state.
      Even if the motor is locked for a long time, it will not burn the main board, nor will it burn the motor.
      It has the function of overcurrent protection to prevent the main board from burning out. Safer and longer service life.
      The structure is simple and the installation is convenient.
      It can be used with access control system, and it is more convenient to use.

      | Product parameters

        Advertising window specifications
        Overall specification
        Texture of material
        Steel products
        Orange stripe paint
        Switch delay function
        Switch 2S-10S, adjustable
        Blocking rebound function
        When the switch is on, resistance will rebound and will not cause harm to people or objects.
        Opening and closing stroke setting

        Using brushless motor with the motherboard, intelligent adjustment of the switch, open and 

      close the door travel distance, butalso through the motherboard plus or minus switch repair, 

      intelligent control

       Lighting parameters
        12V/24V (default) multiple LED lights / energy saving lamp light control function
        Power parameter
        Brushless motor parameters
        ambient temperature
        -30 degree /40 degree
        Ambient humidity
        Remote control function
        Selection component
        Door opening position
        The position can be set to the left, right and left.
        Automatic repair of motherboard function

        Intelligent memory and repairing function are adopted. The main board can repair itself when

       the door is damaged by external force.

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